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Who we are

United by the passion to elevate beauty in their patients, they started from different medical areas: Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Oro Facial Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Medicine and Genetics.

They gathered and shared the knowledge acquired in decades of experience, creating unique techniques.

Innovative and sophisticated protocols based on medical laser technology, facial harmonization and genetic medicine.

Our team is also made up of nurses, physiotherapists and technicians dedicated exclusively to Aesthetics and Rejuvenation.

Dra. Isabel Rocha Porto Portugal
Dr. Alberto Villas Lobos S.Paulo Brasil
Dr. Elena Villas Lobos Moscow Russia

The Team

Dra. Isabel Rocha

Dra. Isabel Rocha Portugal

Dr. Alberto Villalobos

Dr. Alberto Villalobos Brazil

Physician since 1986; Plastic surgeon; Master in medical laser of Fotona technology; Design and Rejuvenation of the Face and Body; Medical mentor who works closely with internationally renowned doctors; Develops advanced rejuvenation techniques and medical laser treatments.

Dr. Elena Villalobos

Dr. Elena Villalobos Russia

Physician since 1994; Specialist in Dermatology; Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine; He received a specialization title in Cosmetology; Specialist in medical laser; Fotona medical laser trainer; Internationally awarded in the area of facial rejuvenation and harmonization.