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When our natural Hyaluronic Acid decreases wrinkles, expression lines and sagging are installed and we find ourselves looking tired, aged or sad. The replacement of injectables based on Hyaluronic Acid can be a solution to your needs. Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful substance that can be used in different ways in anti-aging treatments, renewing its appearance, improving the quality of the skin. When used injectable, it can be used in the face contour, lips in contour and volume, naso-labial ridges, dark circles and facial wrinkles, smoothes the lines around the eyes. 

In addition to restoring the volume of the face, it is also used on the hands and some body regions. 




Need for rest time 
No need for post-treatment rest, being able to resume the daily routine.  
The duration of these procedures varies between 30 to 60 minutes.  
Facial fillers integrate with the tissue under the skin to maintain its appearance, whether smiling, laughing or frowning. During the consultation, the beauty professional will look at your face while standing still (static wrinkles) and in motion (dynamic wrinkles) to provide a natural and stunning result.  
Smoothing and preventing wrinkles. Face does not lose expression, maintaining a natural result.  
Preoperative care 
Before indicating treatment, anamnesis and clinical examination of the patient should be performed to rule out possible contraindications to treatment. Night acid should be discontinued the day before and the day of the procedure. Anticoagulant medications such as acetylsalicylic acid, ginkgo biloba, among others, should be avoided in the week before the procedure. Avoid excessive alcoholic drinks the day before.  
Postoperative care 
Avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen 50+. The sunscreen must be kept strictly before and after the procedure. Massage the area with your fingertips for two to three days, but if there are bruises, massage is contraindicated. Ice can be used on site for the first 24 hours.  
Expected effects 
Possible associated side effects include temporary reactions at the application site, such as: redness, edema, itching, pain, irregularities, bruising or discoloration. These reactions can occur immediately or can be delayed and can last up to a week. Application to the lip can cause more swelling and bruising due to the unique physiology of that area. As with any application, there is a risk of infection. This is not a complete list of side effects. If inflammatory reactions persist for more than a week, or if any other side effects develop, seek medical attention as soon as possible.  
Pregnant or breastfeeding women. Hyaluronic acid should not be applied to individuals with known hypersensitivity to the compound. It is also contraindicated in people with problems with clotting. It should not be applied in or near areas where there. is active skin disease, inflammation or sores. It should not be injected into an area where a permanent implant has been placed.  
Number of treatments 
Depending on the treatment plan, the number of Hyaluronic Acid injections may vary.  
The results can last up to 24 months, depending on the treatment chosen and the area treated.


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