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MD Codes| Facial Sculpture

MD Codes| Facial Sculpture

Developed by the famous plastic surgeon Maurício de Maio, MD Codes is a technique that manages to transform the face by elevating the natural beauty of each one. Accurately marks specific points on the face
which, when filled with hyaluronic acid, result in a younger, firmer and more natural skin. 

The most common points to be highlighted are: the region of the cheekbones,
which is known as Top Model look, nose, lips, chin, forehead, eyebrows, Chinese mustache and dark circles (especially those who have fat loss in that area).
And it can be applied to the patient at the first signs of aging, or for beautification or prevention. 




Need for rest time 
No need for post-treatment rest, being able to resume the daily routine.  
Depending on the treatment plan, it can vary between 20 to 90 minutes.  
The aesthetic procedure is super personalized, that is, the doctor is the one who evaluates the right places to be filled according to the each one's need. The technique combines a series of procedures to give balanced proportions to the entire face.  
Sculpture of the face that gives a more youthful and beautiful appearance. Reduction of dark circles. Reduction of wrinkles and expression marks. Enlarged lips. Definition of cheekbones. Increased or decreased chin and jaw contour  
Preoperative care 
Application of topical anesthetic cream 30 minutes prior to consultation.  
Postoperative care 
Do not exercise. Do not massage place Avoid sun exposure.  
Expected effects 
You will feel instant results but it takes up to 30 days for the full effect, Possible associated side effects include temporary reactions at the application site, such as: redness, edema, itching, pain, irregularities, bruising or discoloration. These reactions can occur immediately or can be delayed and can last up to a week. Application to the lip can cause more swelling and bruising due to the unique physiology of that area. As with any application, there is a risk of infection. This is not a complete list of side effects. If inflammatory reactions persist for more than a week, or if any other side effects develop, seek medical attention as soon as possible.  
Pregnant or breastfeeding women. Hyaluronic acid should not be applied to individuals with known hypersensitivity to the compound. It is also contraindicated in people with problems with clotting. It should not be applied in or near areas where there is active skin disease, inflammation or sores. It should not be injected into an area where a permanent implant has been placed. Number of treatments: Depending on the treatment plan, the number of Hyaluronic Acid injections may vary.  
Every 2 years you must make a new assessment with the professional.


Inspired by the passion to elevate natural and unique beauty, guided by hands with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the beauty of the face.

We combine the most advanced technology in the area of Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Medicine, combined with excellent Cosmetology.