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Nutri Test | Beneficial and Harmful Foods

Nutri Test | Beneficial and Harmful Foods

The regulation of body weight is complex and depends on several factors. Overweight and obesity can increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. 

The most complete nutrigenetic analysis on the market
384 genetic variations related to weight loss, response to exercise, intolerances and nutrient metabolism, among others, are analyzed.
An exclusive tool for healthcare professionals
Fagron NutriGen TM is a unique tool that unveils the patient’s nutritional metabolism, available only by healthcare professionals. 

Personalized diet plan
A suggested personalized diet plan is generated by a complex algorithm, from more than 850 foods. 

Cutting-edge technology
Genetic testing based on DNA microarray technology. Over 99% reproducibility and sensitivity. 



Need for rest time 
It does not require rest time.  
The DNA collection takes about five minutes. However, the evaluation and data collection consultation can take an average of 20 to 45 minutes.  
A medical evaluation is performed, then a specific questionnaire is filled out. Subsequently, the salivary DNA is collected. This collection of genetic information is sent to the Fagron laboratory (European hub), a leader in genetic testing.  
Knowledge of the genetic causes of overweight and obesity Analysis of nutrient metabolism. Influence of physical exercise: knowing which is the most suitable for our body. Genetic profile of inflammation. Genetic knowledge of food intolerances or sensitivities. Orientation to the body's detoxification capacity.  
Pre-test care 
Do not eat food, coffee or alcohol until two hours before taking the test.  
Post-test care 
It does not require any care.  
There are no contraindications.  
Number of treatments 
Simply a single test is required. There is no need for repetition.  
There is no need for maintenance.


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