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Tricho Test | Hair Loss Control

Tricho Test | Hair Loss Control

It is a test that assesses your DNA and genes related to hair loss, clinically called alopecia.
In this, mutations within its genome are evaluated in order to discover which active ingredients will be most effective in combating alopecia, in your specific case.
It is considered as the latest technology in combating baldness. 



Need for rest time 
It does not interfere with the daily routine.  
The DNA collection takes about five minutes. However, the evaluation and data collection consultation can take an average of 20 to 45 minutes.  
After the medical evaluation, a short questionnaire is completed. Subsequently, saliva is collected and sent to a laboratory specialized in genetic testing.  
Ability to specifically customize the shampoo, topical lotion and supplement to your real needs, revealing also the ideal percentage of each nutrient.
Pre-test care 
You should not eat any type of food, coffee or alcohol until two hours before taking the test.  
Post-test care 
It does not require any care.  
There are no contraindications.  
Number of treatments 
As it is a genetic evaluation that is immutable, this is a unique procedure in life.  
There is no need for maintenance.


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