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Dilated pores are frequent mainly for those with oily skin. This is because the oil and dead cells that settle around the pores cause the skin around the pore holes to swell, making the pores appear larger than they actually are. In summer, they are evidenced by the increase in skin oiliness and sweat caused by heat or sun exposure. 

The skin loses its elasticity over time, which makes the pores more evident. Heredity Genetic predisposition is also considered a factor for the appearance of enlarged pores.
Makeup We recommend using liquid and oil free makeup instead of the powder version. These tend to clog the pores, which can lead to the formation of pustules (acne). 

It should be carefully removed, using the make-up remover first, then washing your face. 



Need for rest time 
Downtime is not necessary.  
The average running time is 30 minutes.  
Carbon peeling is a revolutionary laser treatment that is completely painless. The laser we use is Erbium 1540 nm fractionated non-ablative. Carbon has the ability to absorb oil and contaminants from the depths of the pores. When the laser passes over the treatment area, it hits and destroys the carbon particles, taking any material absorbed.  
Provides an instant and renewed appearance, leaving the skin softer, smoother and firmer. It is highly beneficial for people with oily skin, large pores, opaque skin and acne on the face or body. It is also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin.  
Preoperative care 
Patients who have had some form of herpes will have to undergo preventive treatment beforehand.  
Postoperative care 
Avoid sun exposure for two days. Using 50+ sunscreen is highly recommended.  
Expected effects 
Slight reddening of the treatment day.  
Pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patients who have had some form of herpes will have to undergo preventive treatment beforehand. Epilepsy. Blood diseases (leukemia, anemia). Patients with photosensitive drug therapies.  
Treatment number 
Remarkable results can be seen after a single treatment.  
For long-term results, we recommend regular treatments.


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