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Telo Test | Control of Aging

Telo Test | Control of Aging

Being able to know what are the deficits that our organism has, either due to the difficulty of production as well as absorption and that gradually leads to aging, is a very powerful tool that is available to each one. Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are also indicated. 

As our cells divide to multiply and to regenerate the tissues and organs of our body, the length of the telomeres will be reduced, with the passage of time they will become shorter.
When telomeres finally become so small and are no longer able to protect DNA, cells stop reproducing and the signs of aging are notorious. 



Need for rest time 
It does not require rest time.  
5 minutes is the test time. The consultation time is variable, and can be between 20 to 60 minutes.  
After the medical evaluation, a short questionnaire is completed. Subsequently, the salivary DNA is collected. This collection of genetic information is sent to the Fagron laboratory (European hub), a leader in genetic testing.  
It provides the degree of aging of the body and a personalized treatment to prevent or interrupt the telomere reduction of the patient.  
Pre-test care 
Do not eat food, coffee or alcohol until two hours before taking the test.  
Post-test care 
It does not require any care.  
There are no contraindications.  
Number of treatments 
This is the only genetic test in which the number of tests we recommend is variable.  
Knowing that we can delay aging with adequate supplementation and a healthy lifestyle, we can repeat the test to quantify the deceleration of aging by analyzing the updated degradation of telomeres.


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