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The first signs of skin aging usually appear on the hands. It is possible to notice the appearance of different types of spots, fine wrinkles, in addition to the flaccid aspect with apparent veins, typical signs of an aged skin. 

Some factors can contribute to the aging of the hands. One is the constant unprotected sun exposure over the years. Another is dehydration and loss of support of the natural skin of our body, due to the decrease in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which causes sagging and aging in the hands. 

L ́Art Institute combines several techniques that allow you to rejuvenate your hands by removing stains, restoring volume and rejuvenating your skin. 




Need for rest time 
It does not require any break.  
These procedures take about 30 minutes.  
Medical mesotherapy, Laser Fotona technology combined with advanced techniques and adapted by L ́Art Institute rejuvenate the hands. They act on the skin, thus providing an increase in elasticity by stimulating collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid replenishes the lost volume.  
Elimination of stains. Renovation of the superficial layer of the skin. Renewal of collagen and elastin. Long-term results.  
Preoperative care 
There is no need for specific pre-treatment care.  
Postoperative care 
No need for post-treatment rest, being able to resume the daily routine. Use 50+ sun protection.  
Expected effects 
No post-treatment discomfort is expected. The skin will peel off naturally.  
Pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patients who have had some form of herpes will have to undergo preventive treatment beforehand. Epilepsy. Blood diseases (leukemia, anemia). Patients with photosensitive drug therapies.  
Number of treatments 
Depending on the severity, on average between 2 to 3 treatments are needed at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks.  
We usually recommend at least one annual maintenance appointment.


Inspired by the passion to elevate natural and unique beauty, guided by hands with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the beauty of the face.

We combine the most advanced technology in the area of Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Medicine, combined with excellent Cosmetology.