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Nightlase | Roncopathy

Nightlase | Roncopathy

Snoring or snoring, as it is commonly known, results from a sound originated by the vibration of the palate and pharyngeal walls.
It is a simple, non-invasive laser treatment and an effective way to reduce or eliminate snoring, increasing the quality of sleep. 




Need for rest time 
There is no need for rest.  
Between 30 to 40 minutes.  
The non-invasive FOTONA Laser technology allows the emission of energy used to heat the tissues of the airways causing a firmness and retraction effect on the tissues, which helps to keep your airway open, attenuating the sound of snoring and the effects of apnea. Sleep.  
Noise volume reduction between 50 to 100% and better breathing capacity are results usually obtained right after the first session.  
Preoperative care 
No need for anesthetic administration or prior medication. Patients who have had some form of herpes will have to undergo preventive treatment beforehand.  
Postoperative care 
You can restart your routine immediately after treatment. No specific therapy or care is needed.  
Expected effects 
Slight roughness on the soft palate, similar to the feeling of hoarseness.  
Pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patients who have had some form of herpes will have to undergo preventive treatment beforehand. Epilepsy. Pregnancy. Blood diseases (leukemia, anemia). Patients with photosensitive drug therapies.    
Number of treatments 
3 sessions are required in an interval of 45 days.  
Depending on the severity, maintenance inquiries may be necessary.


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